Non-degree Program

About non-degree program

The non-degree program is established and operated for the dissemination of science and technology through industry-academia cooperation pursuant to Article 102 (Training Program) of the KAIST Regulations. Those who wish to attend the training course should be “4th year university graduates or those who are recognized as having equivalent qualifications (special experience and license) and passed the selection.” Those who meet the completion requirement of the course are granted the certificate of completion under the name of the President of KAIST.

“KAIST and LG Electronics signed an MOU in May 2018”

In May 2018, KAIST and LG Electronics signed an MOU for Fostering software security experts, where KAIST Cyber Security Research Center (CSRC) and Graduate School of Information Security (GSIS) jointly launched a non-degree program in order to provide professional security training to LG Electronics.

Course name

(한글) LG전자-KAIST SW Security Specialist 과정
(English) LG Electronics-KAIST SW Security Specialist Course

Purpose and necessity

  • • To cultivate in-house security experts and improve the technical level by providing professional security training for LG Electronics employees.
  • • To lay the ground for building a industry-academia collaboration model for information security research and education by providing training course to improve practical security skills of corporate employees

Learning objectives

  • • Provide education on the cutting-edge security theory and practice to train security experts specialized for the company.
  • • Specialize in cyber- and information security through learning theory, practice, and evaluation.

Course characteristics

  • • Provides world-class education from professors in Graduate School of Information Security, Electrical Engineering, and School of Computing at KAIST.
  • • Customized training tailored to the client’s business and technical needs.


  • First year (2018)
    • Training schedule : June 25, 2018 (Mon)-July 20, 2018 (Fri)
    • Training time : 68 hours (every Monday to Thursday for 4 weeks)
    • Number of participants : 22 (all completed)
    • Location : KAIST Main Campus
    • Curriculum :
    • 다운로드
  • Second year (2019)
    • Training schedule: June 17, 2019 (Mon)-July 19, 2019 (Fri)
    • Training time: 100 hours (every Monday to Thursday for 5 weeks)
    • Number of participants : 21 (all completed)
    • Location: KAIST Main Campus
    • Curriculum :
    • 다운로드