Director’s Message


I am Sang Kil Cha,
the Director of KAIST Cyber Security Research Center.

As our society is becoming more and more technologically reliant than ever before, the importance of cybersecurity is on the rise. Cybercrimes have become so critical as its impact may break into and ruin everything that pertains to our everyday lives. Notwithstanding these fearsome implications, proper protection in the cyberspace would contribute to real-world safety -- which closely connects to our core vision: ‘building a safer and trusted society from reliable technology’

In a safer and trusted society, we envision everyone to be able to enjoy secure and protected computing based on trustworthy technologies. We strongly believe that it is KAIST Cyber Security Research Center’s role to help realize these social values. Therefore, we will put our best efforts to ensure KAIST’s world-class security resources and technologies achieve a considerable impact on the general public and society.

KAIST Cyber Security Research Center is open to everyone. We are looking forward to receiving kind support from researchers who share their vision and passion with us.
Thank you.

Sang-Kil Cha, Director of KAIST Cyber Security Research Center