Graduate School of Information Protection

Education & Training Graduate School of Information Protection

Introducing the Graduate School of Information Protection

Background and Directions

The splendid development and evolution of advanced IT environment are rapidly changing the living environment of each family, society, and nation, but exposing everyone to many risks on the cyber platform at the same time. In particular, damages caused by various attacks on the cyber platform now involve key facilities of nations beyond individual and corporate facilities with enormous impact on the credibility of each country.

The need for advanced information protection experts who can effectively respond to and defend those various attacks on the cyber platform is increasing exponentially. In the U.S. this situation is called 'A Human Capital Crisis in Cybersecurity'.

However, Korea is in urgent need for a plan as the public sector lacks security experts, response systems, and technology to effectively respond to various situations and depends on the private facilities.

In relation to this, the Korean government established the graduate program on Information Protection at KAIST in 2010 to nurture advanced information security to admit students from 2011. The Graduate School of Information Protection was authenticated by the Ministry of Education in February 2012 and offered as an official department of studies.

The Graduate School offers theoretic learning in problem-solving skills through cyber attacks and defense, network security, system security, encryption technology, and applied security and hands-on internships at various private companies to nurture manpower with expertise and hands-on skills. We strive to nurture information security leaders who can develop Korea's global cyber security.

Basic directions of curriculums
Encryption, Security Based on Information Theory, Content Security, Security Theory
System Security, Physical Security, Mobile Security, Network Security, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Reverse Engineering
Information Protection Management/Policies, Digital Forensics/Law, Personal Information Protection, Industrial Security
Hands-on Training
Analysis and practice of cyber attack and defense
Educational objectives
  • World's top 10 education, research, and industrial leadership
  • - Synergies with interdisciplinary education and research
  • - Nurturing advanced information protection leaders with ability to respond to the attacks of malignant hackers
  • - Leadership in industries through large-sized research centers and cooperation
  • - Nurturing international information protection experts
  • - Absorbing hackers to the systems.

Introducing the Convergence AMP Program (

he Convergence AMP Program suggests the following future visions with creative knowledge and management strategies to keep up with the environmental changes and crises of the future.
  • 1. The roles of CEO with leadership in sustainable management
  • 2. New paradigms based on the technological convergence of all industries
  • 3. A model of the world's best of best "premium CEO program" through "Ubiquitous human network" of communication and convergence
Program features
Training tailored just for the CEO in the era of convergence
  • Latest trends of key technologies and sustainable management strategies for the era of change and crisis
  • Global management strategies creating future visions and creative values
  • Transfer of convergence technology including management, security, industry, and technology
Digital e-education
  • Classes on 1:1 digital e-Book using Tablet PC (iPad and Galaxy Tab)
  • Digitization of various learning materials with the development of world's first "digital album (App)"
  • Broadcasting systems to watch lectures in real-time on Smartphone
Skills to apply the latest technology trends, e.g., SNS (social network services)
  • Training on how to use Tweeter and Facebook (personal training during spontaneous learning period before classes)
  • How to use Apps on Smartphones and Tablet PCs
Spouse courses
  • CEO programs more effective when taken with spouses
  • Open for married couples to prepare for change and innovation together
  • Sustainable management strategies : Future technology trends to keep up with change and crisis
  • Convergence strategies : Convergence of industry, technology, management, security, and/or environment
  • Global survival strategies : Future visions and creative values
  • Cyber security strategies : Advanced hacking demonstration and Smartphone security strategies
  • National policies : National industrial policies/IT strategies, etc. (special lectures by government ministers and high-class officials
  • Business strategies : Convergence business models of latest management issues and trends
Special privileges for graduates
Certificates and invitation to alumni association
  • Certificate bestowed in the name of the President of KAIST with qualification to join the KAIST Alumni Association.
  • Same privileges for the spouses when participated in spouse courses
"Total corporate consulting" for graduate companies
  • Corporate diagnosis and consulting for graduate companies signing on for this program
  • Cyber security (hacking detection) diagnosis and consulting
    ※ Graduate companies: Cyber CSO system
Invitation to KAIST's international forums and industry-academic cooperation lectures
  • Anyone who completes this program will be invited to a network of KAIST faculties and research centers for ongoing exchange activitiess.