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[대외활동] 사이버보안연구센터 공동 연구팀, 국제 저널(IEEE TDSC)에 논문 게재
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  • 작성일 2019-11-06
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첨부파일 ZeroKernel Secure Context-isolated Execution on Commodity GPUs.pdf



논문명 : ZeroKernel: Secure Context-isolated Execution on Commodity GPUs


학술지명 : IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing


저자명 : Ohmin Kwon, Yonggon Kim, Jaehyuk Huh, Hyunsoo Yoon


게재일 : 2019.10.01.


Abstract :

In the last decade, the dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU) has emerged as an architecture for high-performance computing workloads. Recently, researchers have also focused on the isolation property of a dedicated GPU and suggested GPU-based secure computing environments with several promising applications. However, despite the security analysis conducted by the prior studies, it has been unclear whether a dedicated GPU can be leveraged as a secure processor in the presence of a kernel-privileged attacker. In this paper, we first demonstrate the security of dedicated GPUs through comprehensive studies on context information for GPU execution. The paper shows that a kernel-privileged attacker can manipulate the GPU contexts to redirect memory accesses or execute arbitrary GPU codes on the running GPU kernel. Based on the security analysis, this paper proposes a new on-chip execution model for the dedicated GPU and a novel defense mechanism supporting the security of the on-chip execution. With comprehensive evaluation, the paper assures that the proposed solutions effectively isolate sensitive data in on-chip storages and defend against known attack vectors from a privileged attacker, supporting that the commodity GPUs can be leveraged as a secure processor.



이전글 차상길 교수 사이버보안연구센터 공동 연구팀, 국제 저널(TSE)에 논문 게재
다음글 KAIST 사이버보안연구센터 위촉연구원(무기계약직 대체) 채용 공고